Stainless steel sticky shower regulator

You may keep daily items with the aid of this hanging basket caddy, which is ideal for use in the restroom, kitchen, powder room, etc. Organize your home better. There is adequate room to store stuff thanks to the high storage capacity. The goods can be kept from falling to the ground by a deep basket.

The shelf is made sturdy by the magic traceless glue, allowing the long-lasting shower organizer to store things weighing up to 15 pounds. Open bottom design can drain and make the objects dry fast to avoid breeding bacterial. Perfect perfect for home storing.

Compared to a suction cup, transparent traceless adhesive is stronger and more resilient. No drilling and damage to the wall. You can always hang hooks wherever because the extra hooks are detachable.

This toilet caddy is composed of 304 stainless steel, which is rustproof, sturdy, non-fading, and scratch-resistant. You won’t be scratched or have stuff damaged by smooth surfaces.


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