This lovely watering can is the ideal reminder that it’s time to give your house plants some TLC, whether you have a green thumb or are a little forgetful when it comes to watering your plants.

Our watering can’s thoughtful design includes an expanded spout for precise water distribution and no leaks. You won’t have to be concerned about leaking water when moving from plant to plant. Use it for lush potted plants or hanging plants that are difficult to reach.

This incredibly sturdy Jungle Watering Can comes in 3 colors and is as useful as it is beautiful to look at. When not in use, keep it out in the open rather than hiding it under the kitchen sink. This cutting-edge watering can has an ergonomic grip that makes taking care of your plants a breeze.

Our watering can has a removable metal spout and a useful measurement scale on the side, but it is actually made of sturdy, high-quality plastic despite seeming like glass.
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1 Liters


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