Anyone who enjoys cooking and good cuisine will tell you that presentation is just as essential as the food itself. We spend a lot of time putting tablecloths, napkins, centerpieces, and dinnerware on the table. We rarely realize, however, how a lovely salt and pepper grinder set might improve the overall look. Any meal or dinner party benefits from the sophistication and functionality of our salt and pepper grinders.

Traditional salt and pepper shakers are usually preferred over salt and pepper mills because the salt crystals and pepper kernels are ground on demand, providing the freshest seasoning available and better-tasting food. Heavy-duty ceramic and stainless steel elements make up the grinding mechanism, ensuring excellent, smooth performance. These mills are simple to operate, even for children, the elderly, or persons with arthritis or dexterity concerns.

Our huge wooden mills are low-maintenance, allowing you to concentrate on more vital tasks. Each refillable salt and pepper grinder set is 8″ tall and holds a large number of granules, so you won’t have to keep refilling them. Simply unscrew the metal top and remove the wood cover to fill your grinders, then fill with your favorite sea, Himalayan, Celtic, or black pepper corns. Use a moist towel or a brush to clean.

Our pepper mill grinder and sea salt grinder combination is made of acacia wood, which has a natural grain finish that adds to the beauty of the set. Aside from its beauty, acacia wood is an excellent choice since it is extremely sturdy and naturally water-resistant, preventing moisture from accumulating in your salt and pepper. These grinders are made of high-quality stainless steel and ceramic, ensuring years of trouble-free operation.


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